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Green Production


abatement equipment

While projecting and realising our plants, massive attention has been paid to environmental protection, occupational safety and comfort.

Specific abatement equipment have been dimensioned and installed in view of possible future upgrades and enlargement of production. Such a task has been facilitated by the ex-novo design of the entire plant structure.

Dedicated collection-data plants, interconnected to our data-network, provide for a constant monitoring of all parameters of machinery, in order to guarantee a better air-quality control and to ensure occupational and environmental safety.

Every production cycle has been analyzed and realized to intentionally have minimum environmental impact. To this purpose, we have installed specific plants for auto-production of technical process gases, in order to reduce their transportation on rubber, and to limit wastage fluids through a careful water cycle during production.

To limit or end the use in our production cycles of dangerous materials and substances (harmful both for humans and the environment), we lead a mindful and constant research aimed to employ alternative materials in our site.