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Italia SyntesAlloys S.p.A. - Biella

Italia Syntesalloys Ltd merges the experience of international businessmen with chemical and metallurgic processes in the field of precious metals. It is lead by a team of industrial executive managers with a 30-year experience in every branch and market of business development.

An industrial entity has arisen from the synergy of such a merging, fully equipped with renovated system, using the highest technologies available and the most advanced equipment for research and control processes.

The main markets where is addressed our production are those that involve the use of components made by metallurgic sintered alloys, mainly for the electromechanical industry. Therefore, we manufacture electrical contacts and contact assemblies for the transmission and distribution of electrical power at high, medium and low voltage.

Thanks to the well-developed, vertically-integrated cycle of our production process and the implementation of a concise and efficient management system, we can work both on national and international markets, thus providing a high level of quality and positive ratio “cost-product-service”.

Careful attention has been paid to research and development. The department has been provided with high-standard equipment – used to check the on-going process, as well as to develop new types of materials.

In order to follow the requirements of current regulation, further attention has been given to environmental protection and for the safety of the workers. 

Italia Syntesalloys Ltd for the treatment and refining of materials precious metals based.

Thanks to the experience of our management and the production technologies installed, we provide a full response in the recovery and processing of precious metals from electronics, goldsmith, silversmith scraps and from exhausted catalysts containing PGM ( platinum group metals ). Our chemical know-how and laboratory equipment enable us to finalize the best processes for the extraction and recovery of precious metals.

Whatever your needs we can guarantee you in terms of capacity and quality, the best service.